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Thread: APPLY for GM

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    APPLY for GM

    Discord/Skype Contact info: im have skype end discord too <3
    TimezoneUTC+04:00) Tbilisi

    Experience with World of Warcraft: well im love this game im start playing it when im was like 13 years old

    Experience with Game Master/Staff positions with a private server: well im was GM on ather server if you wana know name of server im will tell you projeck reborn tat server was online like 2 year .

    Hours able to devote: its depend on my free time . if im ahave some free time im can be online 10 houre but normaly im on like 3 or 2 houre in day but if im have some worck in game im can stay online 6 houre

    The following are scenarios, please read them carefully and respond how you would respond if you received interactions like the following:
    1. Player A submits a ticket stating the Player B is camping their corpse and they want you to help them.
    as im know there is nothink too doo there noo ruls for tat . but if player A will wait befor he go ofline tat will be good ..... ikd waht sitiation will be there if tat guy who camping plyer A NPC end player B is 255 lvl alrady im can warn hem end say hem just wait 2 min he will get lvl end go on your farming or waht he will doin

    2. Player A submits a ticket stating that Player B is saying bad things to them in Skype, Discord, or any other form of communication outside of the game client.
    well tat is not GM proble is some one will tell bad things in game im can do SMH but tat kinda problem im can do anythin ...! but player A can mute hem ignor there is athre many way too stop hem ... but stell tat is not my problem

    3. Player A submits a ticket stating that they lost items from their inventory (or that are equipped) and wants you to give the items back to them.
    well tat kindaa problem im cant disade lone im need contack ather staff memebr like owner then he will check if he rlly have tat item or hes lie im need prof for tat if owner will tell me he relly have items end he missing im wil help hem end add item what he had
    end start investigate why he's items are mising

    4. Player A submits a ticket stating that they think Player B is hacking/cheating.
    ok first im will ask player A when he think like tat end what kindaa hack or cheat he using second im will do my commnad invisible for wach hem closser if im see hes hacking or chating im will freezzz take aa few scranshot for show ather staff members why im banne hem
    but if im cant do banne command im wil freeze hem end wait ather staff member end im dont go ofline befor some one not come online who cna banne hem

    5. Player A asks you to to teleport them somewhere and/or modify their speed/morph/etc. first off there is some things may player will be in bug im had some problems with speed or stuck for stuck we have command unstuck but if hes have problem with speed end hes speed bug im think im can help hem tat my opinion... ather im can't help

    Anything else that you would like to add to your application: yes im know like 3 Language russian georgian end english oh one more plz if you cna add some of rule plz im know every private seerver have some rule soo add this rule !1) if plyer ask staff team some freee gear or ather things he will banne like 30 min or SMH thx you <3

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    Declined, Try again later.

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    if some one sow this im was drunk tat night

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