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    Post Application for the GM.

    Discord/Skype Contact info: AtomicHd #0167
    Age: 15
    Experience with World of Warcraft: WOTLKprivate MOP WOD
    Experience with Game Master/Staff positions with a private server:None but i watched a video about it!
    Hours able to devote: 6-7 depends on day

    The following are scenarios, please read them carefully and respond how you would respond if you received interactions like the following:

    Player A submits a ticket stating the Player B is camping their corpse and they want you to help them.
    -- OBVIOUSLY HE WOULD GET IP BANNED jk..I would ask Player B to move or i would port him away.

    Player A submits a ticket stating that Player B is saying bad things to them in Skype, Discord, or any other form of communication outside of the game client.
    -- Unless this is tied to the ingame i would jsut say block him, IF PLAYER B EXCEEDS TO DEATH THREATS MAY RESULT IN A MUTE

    Player A submits a ticket stating that they lost items from their inventory (or that are equipped) and wants you to give the items back to them.
    -- Player needs to show proof, if proven i would give him the items back if a higher game master allows so.
    If the Player trys to trick me into thinking he sold it or accidently deleted it i would not give him it.

    Player A submits a ticket stating that they think Player B is hacking/cheating.
    -- I would ask for more info on the " CHEATING "
    and i would tp to Player B to see if it is true,
    if true i will freeze and i will ask why and see what type of punishment He/she needs.

    Player A asks you to to teleport them somewhere and/or modify their speed/morph/etc.
    -- I will respond with a " Nop my bud "

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    this jerkwad shouyld get denied.

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    Grammar, Spellings are terrible.
    You haven't bothered spending time in answering the questions properly.
    At least spend more time on the application if you are actually applying for the GM.
    The application looks like a joke to me.

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