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    Game Master Application -Toxic

    Discord/Skype Contact info:



    Experience with World of Warcraft:
    I have played live since 2004 and on many private servers

    Experience with Game Master/Staff positions with a private server:
    I have been on multiple game master teams for WoW private servers

    Hours able to devote:
    Most of the day, i'm typically at my desk when not at school

    The following are scenarios, please read them carefully and respond how you would respond if you received interactions like the following:

    1. Player A submits a ticket stating the Player B is camping their corpse and they want you to help them.
    I will tell player B to settle down and give him just a verbal warning as camping corpses can lead to players quitting the server out of anger

    2. Player A submits a ticket stating that Player B is saying bad things to them in Skype, Discord, or any other form of communication outside of the game client.
    I will tell player A that I have no jurisdiction on other forms of media.

    3. Player A submits a ticket stating that they lost items from their inventory (or that are equipped) and wants you to give the items back to them.
    I will simply tell the player that without evidence I can't give them items

    4. Player A submits a ticket stating that they think Player B is hacking/cheating.
    Player A will be asked for what they saw player B doing and if possible, screenshots, then player B will be monitored

    5. Player A asks you to to teleport them somewhere and/or modify their speed/morph/etc.
    I will not modify speed or etc. and players will be directed to the portable teleporter and the world teleporter npc

    Anything else that you would like to add to your application:
    I hope you take me in as a member of the Zealot GM team, I have just recently started the server and really enjoy some of the concepts and I would love to give some of my suggestions and possibly make the server better

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