I really like the idea of a normal cataclysm server and was excited to find wowzealot. I was surprised, however, to find its level of un-readiness.. The issues that I experienced include:

1. No Auction House and no ETA.
2. Gathering professions often don't work and sometimes comically so as in gathering peacebloom from a silverleaf node.
3. Quest chains that couldn't be completed in the starting area.
4. At level 21 I tried to tame Lupos (level 20) in Duskwood. I tried several times without success (with relogs) and I have tamed him on every server I've played including retail.

I realize there is a lot of work complete, but the server really is not even near a release state. With a good team, perhaps you could release in six months or so and I'll check back then to see how things are going. Like I say, normal cata is a great idea, you have my best wishes.